New Trimble Agriculture Displays

Trimble recently introduced their new GFX-1260™ and GFX-1060™ guidance displays. These fast, powerful and connected solutions provide farmers the tools and control they need to leverage the next generation of precision agriculture technology in their daily operations.

The new GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 displays are simple, easy-to-use with the Precision-IQ™ interface and quick to instal and transfer between vehicles, eliminating the need for extra displays in different vehicles and offering maximum compatibility and transferability to match each farmer’s operational or seasonal needs. This also means a shortened learning curve for operators. The rugged construction of GFX displays can handle virtually any farming condition, ranging from extreme conditions such as dust and rain to rough field environments that create vibration. With increased reliability, these new displays work when farmers do – day or night – and offer minimal downtime or maintenance.

With a range in size and cost options, the GFX displays enable flexibility to meet the needs of any farm’s budget, equipment brands or operations. The displays can be mixed and matched to fit any workflow and are highly compatible across vehicles and implement brands. With long-term modular technology, these displays help farming operations readily grow – making it easy to upgrade precision technology as needed and future-proofing operations with easy-to-use solutions and components that scale as needed.

The Android™-based GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 displays process data at more than two times the speed of previous generations, making it easier to handle the most complex farming workflows by adding accuracy and efficiency across operations. With more power, speed and reliability, these displays allow farmers to easily set up and configure all equipment on an operation through Trimble’s Precision-IQ field application, including manual guidance, assisted and automated steering, application controls, mapping and data logging, equipment profiles, camera feeds from attached inputs and other internet/app access. Combined, these features save time, increase productivity, and maximise profits. In addition, farmers and operators can quickly and easily share data across the farm, making their day-to-day life easier while positively impacting bottom lines.

These next-generation displays offer farmers upgraded performance so that our precision ag solutions work as hard as they do,” said Jim Chambers, senior vice president and general manager of Trimble Agriculture. “These two enhanced GFX displays give farmers the ability to make better data-driven decisions, creating positive savings in labour hours, fuel, input costs, overapplication and so much more.”

GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 displays are compatible with the NAV-500™ and NAV-900 guidance controllers, building upon the investment value without added work. When paired with the NAV-900, farmers now receive centimetre-level accuracy out of the box as the first year of Trimble’s leading CenterPoint® RTX correction service is included with purchase. Access to high-accuracy, 2.5 cm correction signals provide an easy way to experience the robust, repeatable results of reduced overlap, positively impacting every farmer’s bottom line.

Trimble’s GFX-1060 display is a 10-inch (25.6-centimetre) Precision-IQ-based display that offers a faster processor, increased RAM and storage capacity, updated Android OS, upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capabilities, an added co-processor for safety, inputs for two external cameras, and additional implement control connectivity. The GFX-1260 display provides the same upgrades in a 12-inch (30.7 centimetre) format. The GFX-1260 completes the GFX display family with its large screen size and receiver connectivity, making it a standout option for growers looking to upgrade from a mid-level to high-end display, those who prefer a bigger screen, and farmers with complex operational requirements.

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