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DJI Mavic 3M Special Promotion

A Comprehensive Solution for Precision Farming

The new multispectral imagery from the DJI Mavic 3M, combined with the Aeroview® web-based platform, provides farm analytics to visualise crop growth with total clarity.

DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral drone

Effective aerial surveying needs to see the invisible. The Mavic 3M combines an RGB camera with a multispectral camera to scan and analyze crop growth with total clarity. Agricultural production management requires precision and data, and Mavic 3M delivers both.


Aeroview® web-based analytical platform

Aeroview® is a centralised hub for farming, with a range of tools and insights to optimise your agricultural operation. It offers comprehensive, end-to-end functionality – from farm digitization to data analysis.

The DJI MAVIC 3M Special Bundle includes:

DJI MAVIC 3 Multispectral Drone

  • Mavic 3M drone
  • RTK Module
  • DJI RC Pro Controller (with DJI Pilot2 field software)
  • Spare Propellers
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • USB Interface Cables
  • Weatherproof Hard Carry Case

DJI M3E Battery Kit (3x Batteries & Charging Hub)

Landing Pad (600mm x 600mm)


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