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Seeders & Planters

Control system for precision planters


The ISOBUS SPREADER-Controller is a control system for large-scale spreaders.

Maximum functionality for large-scale spreaders

The ISOBUS SPREADER-Controller is a control system for large-scale spreaders. The job computer regulates the application rate according to the set target rate in kilograms per hectare. Up to four electric and hydraulic motors can both be actuated to achieve regulation. For implements with more than two metering drives, the system is expanded with an additional job computer.

With the simple menu navigation and intuitive softkeys, every function can be reached by pressing just a few buttons. All relevant information is easily accessible to the driver on the work screen. The great fl exibility of the hardware and software guarantee a compatible, stable and state-of-theart system on the long term. The ISOBUS TASK-Controller functionality ensures perfect documentation via ISO-XML.



The application rate is regulated by adjusting the speed of the metering belt or the metering auger (via PWM or Servo) based on the forward speed of the implement. In addition to monitoring the speed of the spinners, the ISOBUS SPREADER-Controller can also actuate them via hydraulic motors and regulate them to a desired speed. The SPREADER-Controller constantly calculates the remaining quantity in the tank during operation and informs the user on its status.

Through the support of AUX-N functionalities, the tractor driving lever can also be used to control the implement. The SPREADER-Controller offers internal trip and total counters for the area, quantity, time and area output for documentation purposes.

Other Functions

  • Control of the tank cover
  • Control of the spread limiter
  • Calibration
  • Internal product database


  • AEF-certified ISOBUS system
  • Configurable software
  • MULTI-Control
  • OEM adaptations possible

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