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Seeders & Planters

Control system for precision planters


The ISOBUS PLANTER-Controller for precision planters is a control system for implements with single rows. The job computer regulates the application rate according to the set target rate in seeds per hectare. Both electric and hydraulic motors can be actuated to regulate the rate.

Using sensor technology (e.g. optosensors or the newly developed PLANTirium® sensor), the seed is counted and monitored on each row. In addition, different shut-off clutches can be switched manually or automatically (SECTION-Control) for each metering unit.

This enables optimal seed placement and therefore significant savings potential. On more complex implements with supplemental fertiliser placement, the system can also regulate this target rate according to specifi cations.


The ISOBUS PLANTER-Controller for precision planters can be individually configured for virtually any precision planter functionality. These configurations can be adjusted either using a PC configurator or directly on the terminal. The ME joystick is available as an auxiliary controller.

Through the support of AUX-N functionalities, the tractor driving lever can also be used to control the implement. The PLANTER-Controller offers internal trip and total counters for the area, quantity, time and area output for documentation purposes. Manufacturer-specific hydraulic functions for controlling the bout marker, folding and similar can be integrated as well as the working lights.


Other Functions

  • Tramline control
    • The system calculates the rhythm independently
    • Only the work width, number of rows and beginning side of the field must be entered
  • Detection of the working position via switch, angle sensor or CAN
  • Integrated product database for up to 30 products (seed and fertiliser)
    • The calibration results are saved along with the product
    • Speed, target rate and calibration factor
  • Monitoring of metering shafts
  • Monitoring of up to two fans or pressure sensors
  • Fill level sensors in the fertiliser hopper


  • AEF-certified ISOBUS system
  • Configurable software
  • MULTI-Control
  • OEM adaptations possible

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