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Plant Protection

Ensures a constant application rate


When manoeuvring curves with the sprayer, CURVE-Control ensures a constant application rate – both in the outer and inner areas.


CURVE-Control is another new application rate related function for Müller-Elektronik job computers (ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller). When manoeuvring curves with the sprayer, it ensures a constant application rate both in the outer and inner areas.

This is made possible by switching different nozzle combinations on each section. A switchable multiple nozzle holder and VARIO-SELECT licence are required.Using a GPS receiver, the Müller-Elektronik terminal transmits the precise position of the boom to the field sprayer job computer. The job computer determines the speed and the curve radius by means of sensors and then calculates thecorresponding application rate per section. The system automatically adjusts the rate on each section by switching different nozzle combinations.



The benefits of MULTI-Control for agricultural practice can be clearly illustrated using the example of a sprayer. MULTI-Rate makes it possible to transmit multiple target rates simultaneously using the Task-Controller. When using prescription maps in precision farming, the target rate can be regulated accordingly for each section. Until now, it was only possible over the entire boom
width of the sprayer. This function can also be used with the online method by means of N sensors.



  • Highly precise application
  • Reduction of crop damage
  • Saving of resources
  • Precision farming in a class of its own

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