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Vantage SSA appointed as Bushel Dealer

Vantage SSA was recently appointed as the local dealer for Bushel in the Southern Africa sales territory.

Bushel Plus is a successful privately owned company, based in Manitoba, Canada. Their flagship product, the Bushel Plus is an innovative drop-pan harvest loss control system – designed to easily, safely and accurately calibrate your combine to ensure maximum yield and increased profitability.

Having been very successful in the American, Canadian and Australian markets, the company is now actively expanding into Europe and Africa.

At Vantage SSA, we pride ourselves in being experts in precision agriculture, serving as a farmer’s Precision Agriculture Centre of Excellence, providing advice on the right combination of solutions and integrating the many complex processes across the farm. Our team has an extensive skill set in all areas of precision agriculture, and is equipped to bring our industry-level technical expertise, customer service and support capabilities to your farm.

“The Bushel Plus is the perfect solution in the African market to ensure minimum harvest loss and increase crop yield” says Jaco Viviers, General Manager at Vantage SSA.