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Precision Farming System

An easy solution to improve your farm profit by smart applying your inputs as you go


Augmenta introduces a new generation of passive sensor (patent pending). It combines an 8-spectrum, 4K-camera system, multiple environmental/light sensors and an advanced A.I. engine1 to provide a universal crop health index and apply the calculated fertilizer dosage.

The Augmenta Precision Farming System maximizes the potential of every single hectare. The Field Analyzer scans crop health inch-by-inch, calculates the required fertilizer dosage and applies it using existing sprayers/spreaders – all in real-time. Installation is simple “plug & play”. The fully automated system requires minimum operational effort.


Competative Advantage over other sensors


Field Analyzer


Powerful Computer

  • Real-time calibration & analysis of 4K resolution images
  • Complex and intensive data processing and storing
  • Real-time communication with Augmenta Web Portal and Tablet

Automatic Operation

  • Simultaneous field analysis and input (e.g. fertilizer) application
  • No cellular connectivity required for field operations
  • Powerful embedded agronomical algorithms without pre-calibration or buffer zones

Aluminium Body

  • Robust, resistant to corrosion
  • Weather-proof design
  • Small size, easy to install


  • Combination of 4K resolution images in 5 different wavelengths
  • No complex calibration needed before operation
  • Snapshots stored both automatically and manually for post evaluation

Mobile Application


Operation Type

  • Support for multiple operations
  • Simple user interface designed specifically for the Tractor Cab

Field of View

  • View crop health in the respective field of view
  • Observe the power of VRA while driving
  • Get real-time statistics on your fertilizer applications operations

General Configuration

  • Configuration and localization options that suit your needs.
  • Start operating with just a few taps.
  • Available in 13 languages


  • View operational status in real-time
  • Check for updates
  • Get diagnostic information to target support
  • Easy debugging of events

Web Portal



  • Estimate savings for liquid/solid fertilizer
  • Filter data and get accurate insight
  • View powerful analytics on your operations

Field Data

  • View field data
  • Get real-time information on operating devices
  • Get powerful and insightful reports on your operations


  • Process your data with an intuitive user interface
  • Create and categorize your fields on the go
  • Import shapefile data to further facilitate data processing

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