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Month: May 2021

Vantage SSA was recently appointed as the official dealer for Augmenta in the Southern Africa region.

Augmenta is the world’s first real-time, camera-based variable rate application system.

The creation of the Augmenta System is the manifestation of years of hard work, exhaustive testing and sustained effort undertaken so as to make that aspiration a reality. The solution has been awarded EIMA’s First Prize for ‘Technological Innovation’ and the ‘Outstanding Agricultural Aspects Blue Award’ for 2020/21.

The core of the Augmenta Team currently comprises +40 members, all with high-level academic backgrounds and specializations (M.Sc or PhD in Engineering, Robotics, Agriculture, Maths and Business). They are software and hardware engineers, agronomists, manufacturing specialists, operation and communication experts with the commercial and technical know-how to make innovative agricultural ideas a reality. The company’s mission is to ‘augment’ the capacity of arable land so as to help feed a growing world sustainably. Through the optimization of inputs made possible by our exclusive technology, they reduce both the chemical load in soils and input costs, while improving the quality of produce and profitability.

At Vantage SSA, we pride ourselves in being experts in precision agriculture, serving as a farmer’s Precision Agriculture Centre of Excellence, providing advice on the right combination of solutions and integrating the many complex processes across the farm. Our team has an extensive skill set in all areas of precision agriculture, and is equipped to bring our industry-level technical expertise, customer service and support capabilities to your farm.

We are constantly looking at new methods and technologies to optimise farming operations. The Augmenta System ticks all the boxes” says Jaco Viviers, General Manager at Vantage SSA.